Barrio Cantina


sorry, quick iPhone photos - was to busy eating :)
Last weekend food truck festival Barrio Cantina set up shop at the Scheldekaaien in Antwerp. More than 20 food trucks lined up to serve exotic, tasty and original street food. The food fun started on Friday night with DJ Bug behind the turning tables playing funk, soul and ska. Being determined to taste as many food as possible, I dedicated my entire weekend to the festival. On Friday I tried a pizza proscuito from Woodpizza (delicious!), ate the best chicken-saté sandwich ever courtesy of Saté Man (still have dreams about it) and had an apple-cinnamon pancake from the ladies at Crêpes Company as dessert. Saturday - round 2: with a homemade sausage from Bulls and Dogs (another favourite), a BBQ burger from the handsome BBQ Bazen (damn tasty) and frozen yogurt with sweet toppings from MoochieFor the grand finale on Sunday I choose yet again for a chicken-saté sandwich and had a 'broodje stoofvlees' from De Filostoof
Indigestion? Not me! I can't wait for the winter edition of Barrio Cantina. Next up is food truck festival Camping Gourmet on the 11th and 12th of October. You know where to find me...

Style crush: Ana Kras


Ana Kras is a Serbian model, furniture designer, illustrator and photographer. This multitalented it-girl is engaged to musician Devendra Banhart - they are pictured together in The Kooples campaign. She's currently living in New York, in an apartment filled with her handiwork and pieces from artist friends. 
I like her Bonbon lamps with multi-coloured threaded surfaces and would love to own one for my home - check out her lamps and other designs here. Her pastel drawings are another favourite, here you can see photos of her recent exhibition.
Her clothing style is all about key pieces in good quality that are mixed with quirky vintage finds. Classic with a twist. She likes to wear her boyfriend's clothes, her favourite colour is navy blue and a soft cashmere sweater is one of her favourite pieces. Three things I also love...

What I loved... in July and August


Summer is gone... but July and August were a lot of fun. Ate lots of ice cream - sometimes had it as a substitute for lunch. Visited friends with babies. Went treasure hunting on a book fair and a yard sale. Had perfect lunches in the sun too - on the roof terrace of this placeWorked out. Visited this museum on 't Eilandje - now one of my personal favourites in the city. Danced until dawn at a great 90ies party. Had after-work drinks in the sun - about every other day. Got to know new people - at barbecues and dinner dates. Went to Mallorca for 5 days - making long beach walks, splashing in the pool and sunbathing while reading this beautiful book. How was your summer?

Relax, take it easy


The past weeks have been super busy... No out of office for me, but a load of work to finish before my impromptu mini-break to Mallorca. Yesterday I booked a quick getaway to the Spanish island - the best incentive to keep me going at warp speed for the next 12 days. 
There are other small things that brighten up my days - simple moments that make me happy and can't be bought in a store... My top tips that will bring a smile on your face are...
/getting 8 hours of sleep - or on the weekends: taking a nap
/waking up to the sunshine and blue skies 
/having a girl's night - eating junk food, like the best falafels in A-town or my all-time favourite 'frietjes'
/reading a magazine or the newspaper, without watching the clock
/taking a long, hot shower - using the most deliciously scented bath products (like my favourites ones from &OtherStories)
/going for a cup of coffee, or two...
/getting together with your friends for a movie night - popcorn mandatory
/painting my nails a bright red - for fiery fingers
/kissing, lots of kissing - a great way to kill stress :)

Weekend wanderlust


love the beautiful selfies of Daria for clothing brand Equipmentthis print would look great on my living room wall/ let's go shopping: this boyfriend jeans has my name written all over it/ check out the Carter Family Portrait Gallery - hilarious!/ wouldn't mind a holiday at this waterside cottage near Stockholm/ I'll visit this photography exhibition in Gent next weekend - anyone want to come?/ baking this weekend - this recipe from one of my favorite food blogs

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