And then, before you know it, a month has passed by without a single blog post. A lack of inspiration and too many hours at the office... So, for now, this blog is on a break... I am on a break. Trying to fit a gazillion to do's into 24 hours isn't healthy and I need some time offline to get my groove back :)
Maybe I'll feel like posting in a week, maybe not... Just taking things as they come - see you later!

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Krachtvoer 2014


Last weekend I went to food festival Krachtvoer. This two-day event in Antwerp is organised by the girls from Alle Dagen Honger, one of my favourite Belgian blogs. The festival combines lectures, expositions, food films, workshops and a market with artisan food. The second edition from Krachtvoer focused on scarcity and abundance - last year the focus was on Grond (*soil/dirt/ground/earth). 
For me, the talk of Tartine baker Chad Robertson was a real revelation. Bread is one of my favourite foods and I wasn't aware that so many store-bought bread is full of additives, preservatives and even ingredients like sugar. Bread can appear artisanal, but hide a multitude of sins. The secret is in the flour - stone milled grains are a healthier and nutritionally superior alternative to conventional steel-rolled flours. They are packed with minerals and vitamins. So from now on, I'm on the lookout for bread that's baked with this kind of flours.

You never leave a food festival empty-handed - I took home some organic granola with chocolate from Floom, a spelt bread from Domestic bakery and a cold-pressed pineapple mojito juice from Jus JusIf you didn't fulfill your appetite at the market, you could grab a bite at one of the food trucks. My favourite? The retro Meteor truck - serving the best bacon I've ever tasted, delicious fish rillette and a special dessert with parsnip. 
Already looking forward to next year's edition!

What I loved... in September


September was a rollercoaster of a month... It started off with a week in the Spanish sun - lounging by the pool, reading, napping. Pure bliss. Got back to an epic amount of work. Celebrated the 40th birthday of the retailer I work for - with press events, a Facebook contest and treats in the shops. Went to the Antwerp Fashion Festival. Travelled between our offices in Belgium and the Netherlands to organise more birthday celebrations. Got a new haircut - and went for a beach blonde colour. Went dancing. Discovered food truck food at Barrio CantinaHad dinner dates. And then it was over and out... time for a new month and some peace of mind.

Barrio Cantina


sorry for the blurry  iPhone photos - was too busy eating :)
Last weekend food truck festival Barrio Cantina set up shop at the Scheldekaaien in Antwerp. More than 20 food trucks lined up to serve exotic, tasty and original street food. The food fun started on Friday night with DJ Bug behind the turning tables playing funk, soul and ska. Being determined to taste as many food as possible, I dedicated my entire weekend to the festival. On Friday I tried a pizza proscuito from Woodpizza (delicious!), ate the best chicken-saté sandwich ever courtesy of Saté Man (still have dreams about it) and had an apple-cinnamon pancake from the ladies at Crêpes Company as dessert. Saturday - round 2: with a homemade sausage from Bulls and Dogs (another favourite), a BBQ burger from the handsome BBQ Bazen (damn tasty) and frozen yogurt with sweet toppings from MoochieFor the grand finale on Sunday I choose yet again for a chicken-saté sandwich and had a 'broodje stoofvlees' from De Filostoof
Indigestion? Not me! I can't wait for the winter edition of Barrio Cantina. Next up is food truck festival Camping Gourmet on the 11th and 12th of October. You know where to find me...

Style crush: Ana Kras


Ana Kras is a Serbian model, furniture designer, illustrator and photographer. This multitalented it-girl is engaged to musician Devendra Banhart - they are pictured together in The Kooples campaign. She's currently living in New York, in an apartment filled with her handiwork and pieces from artist friends. 
I like her Bonbon lamps with multi-coloured threaded surfaces and would love to own one for my home - check out her lamps and other designs here. Her pastel drawings are another favourite, here you can see photos of her recent exhibition.
Her clothing style is all about key pieces in good quality that are mixed with quirky vintage finds. Classic with a twist. She likes to wear her boyfriend's clothes, her favourite colour is navy blue and a soft cashmere sweater is one of her favourite pieces. Three things I also love...

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